Hammers 8 | East G8
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Hammers 8 alternative for 2020

Let’s race!

EAST G8 – Hammers 8 for 2020


For 2020 Forestry England cannot let the Hammers 8 take place in Hamsterley Forest.  We have found an alternative location to get us at least one race for this year.  Everyone who entered the Hammers 8 will get all options to do this new location, switch to next years event or get a refund.  This page is here to give more details.



Saturday 3rd October 2020



Eastgate Farm near Stanhope, Durham.  Grid reference: NY 954 388.  Pinpoint on a Google Map found here.  There will be sign posts on the main roads leading to the village hall  We will be using a farmers field as the main event location.


What are the distances?

There is a single 8 km lap.  You need to do as many as you can in 8 hours.


Marshals will be positioned all along the race route for the safety of the riders.  Apart from the mandatory kit it’s entirely up to you what you take round with you.


How much?

Solo £40


Pairs £35


Entry includes an event memento, safety team, marshals, sign posted route, comms cover, lots of prize categories for the race, bucket fulls of climbing.


Event Schedule


06:00 – Registration opens in Event HQ

07:30 – Registration closes

7:45 – Safety briefing

08:00 – Start of East G8!

Finish 8 hours later.  Any laps completed after this point do not count.



There is ample parking available on the grass field where the event is held.



Registration will take place at the event HQ which will be a small marquee.  You’ll get your number, cable ties and timing chip.  Interaction with marshals will be kept to a minimum.



There will be an option for camping available on the main event field.  This is really helpful for those who need to travel from distance.  You will be able to book this via editing your sientries details once we’ve added the camping details at a later date.  We’ll let you know when you can do this.



The route revolves around a single 8km lap with a mix of old school mountain biking, flowing descents and a few technical bits.  A gpx of the route will be supplied.


Feed Station

Due to COVID restrictions will will not be having a feed station on the course.  You will be passing your location multiple times so you can resupply.



Electronic timing will be used to gauge your position and all details will be available once they are posted online after the event.  If we can get a reliable 4G signal we will make the live results available. Given that this is a new location we don’t know if we can or can’t just yet!  If you drop out of the event at any time after you have registered and collected your number, then you must go to the nearest checkpoint/marshal or Registration and let them know you are dropping out.  Everyone needs to sign out whether you finished or not.  Please hand in your timing chip or be charged for a replacement.

More good news!

It’s probably going to hurt.



How difficult is the route?

The climbs will be tough as you’ll be travelling as the sheep does!  There are a few small technical bits where you pass through broken rock walls to keep your eye in.  For every climb there is a descent and you’ll need to pay attention to make good progress.

Is the route marked?

Yes the route is fully marked so all you should need to do is follow the signs.  The course will also have plenty of marshals to ensure you don’t take a wrong turn.

Are there cut off times?

The only cut off time you need to remember is the end of the race which comes 8 hours after the start.  Any laps completed after this time will not count.

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes you need to register in advance.  This is even more important during the COVID times as we will need details of each and every person attending.

Is there recommended kit?

If you’ve entered something like this then chances are that you have a good idea about what you’re taking on.  Treat it like you would any other big solo ride and have the capacity to look after yourself.  

Mandatory kit list is:

  • Helmet
  • Fully working bike
  • Bike repair tools of your choice (we will not fix your bike for you)
  • Mobile phone (works up high)
  • Whistle

Anything else is entirely up to you but we’d suggest you study the weather forecast in close detail and then decide what you’re taking along.

What does my entry fee provide?

As well as an event memento and a friendly, relaxed and professionally organised event, the entry fee provides you with a timing, number board, full race support provided by the event crew including mountain rescue medical cover, comms, massive amount of category prizes, event marquee and route marking. 

What is the maximum number of entrants?

The original event had a limit of 300.  For the East G8 this will be reduced to 150 to maintain social distancing.

What is the latest I can enter?

We will close entry to the event 7 days prior to the race or when the maximum number of entrants is reached.

What happens if I drop out of the race?

We encourage anyone to try as hard as they can but there is no point in going beyond your limits. Injury, fitness or even a family emergency may mean you have to leave the event. If this happens at any point after you have registered and collected your ride number, then you must go to the nearest checkpoint/marshal or registration and let them know you are dropping out. We will have a final count of who has finished so if you drop out and don’t notify us then we’ll presume you are missing and a lot of people will start looking for you!  Please remember to sign out and hand in your timing chip.

Refund policy

As these are crazy times all options are open to people with this event.  You can do this event, move to next years Hammers 8 or get a refund if you cant do either.

What happens if it's cancelled?

There is always a chance that the event can be cancelled due to high wind, new COVID restrictions and the like.  In this case each person will get the option of moving to next year or getting a refund so there is no risk to entering this race.

COVID Specific

There are a number of changes to enable this event to take place.  These will be set out in the info pack but will include:

  • A socially distanced start.
  • Each person sticking to their pit area.
  • The removal of the event marquee to a smaller, outdoor tent.
  • Hands free timing.
  • PPE for marshals.
  • Instructions for no hands on help from marshals.  This will be done by the event team and mountain rescue so please don’t be offended if people do not help.
  • Increased use of hand sanitiser plus a requirement to bring your own.